Volume loss

Our skin is made up of several layers, with collagen and elastin as the basis of a firm, lifted appearance. As we age, production of these building blocks starts to slow, and the skin loses its support system. Additionally, fat loss, diminishing bone and muscle, gravity, poor skin condition, and environmental damage all contribute to the loss of that youthful plumpness and volume. The most common areas we see volume loss is the cheeks, brows, and lips. As a result, these features descend from their usual high position on the face to nearby structures. Wrinkles, jowls and loss of facial shape can all be attributed to this lower position and give the face an aged and sagging appearance.

In our office we have a variety of treatments to address fine lines and wrinkles caused by volume loss and restore a plump, firm, and rejuvenated appearance. All of this can be done in combination with injectable treatments that enhance facial shape and provide facial contouring benefits.