The Artistry of Facelift
Feel younger and more confident

The aging process of the face and neck influences the deep facial tissues as well as the skin. Wrinkles and deeper skin folds increase, while muscle and fatty tissue begins to sag. With the medical advancements in injectables, some signs of ageing can be treated in a non-surgical manner. Still, there are many signs of an ageing face and neck that can only be treated via surgical means.

The rhytidectomy or facelift is a surgical procedure to address signs of aging that affect the face and neck and cannot be corrected using non-surgical injectables. The various facelift procedures rejuvenate the face, chin fat, and neck creating a natural and long-lasting youthful appearance.


Local with sedation or general


1.5 to 5 hours




10 to 15 days

Who is the good candidate for this procedure?

Some patients might consider a facelift if they have experienced sagginess in the cheek area, deep creases between the base of the nose and the corners of the mouth, facial and neck wrinkles, and diminished chin and neck contours. The type of facelift used depends on the desired outcome, health and condition of the skin, degree of skin laxity, lifestyle, age, and other factors. Some individuals are ready for a full facelift, while some may only need a mid-face lift, or upper face lifting. Good candidates for this procedure are in good health and can undergo general anesthesia.


Our Self-evaluation tool can help you decide if facelift is the right procedure for you.

Procedure techniques & scars

Dr. Mok rejuvenates the face and neck by smoothing out the wrinkles and folds, lifting sagging muscles and deep tissue to a higher position, and removing extra skin. The patient’s own fat can also be grafted to plump areas of lost volume for a more permanent and natural solution, rather than using medical injectables.

Dr. Mok will place scars in areas that are well hidden and out of site such as the hairline and outer ear. It varies depending on gender and other individual features.  There are various subtypes to face and neck lifts, and the treatment of each patient is tailored to individual patient needs. Based upon your aesthetic goals, a facelift can focus on the areas around the eyes, the mid-face area and cheeks, the bottom section including the mouth, jowls, and neck for an all-around younger look. These options will be explained during your consultation with Dr. Mok.


There are many benefits to having a facelift surgery performed by a skillful surgeon like Dr. Mok. Patients can target multiple aging concerns in just one surgery. Double chin and jowls can be eliminated, while sagging skin and deep wrinkles can be tightened and smoothed. The best part is that no visible scarring will be seen after surgery and results look very natural.

During a facelift consultation with Dr. Mok he will evaluate the areas of the face and neck you wish to improve. Dr. Mok encourages patients to discuss their goals and reasons for wanted a facelift procedure. Facial features and skin characteristics such as wrinkles, texture, folds, and elasticity will be evaluated. The details of the surgery will be explained, and patients will have time to ask questions or discuss concerns. Dr. Mok is very honest and transparent with his patients, especially when it comes to the results that can be seen from their surgical procedures.

After a facelift patients take anywhere between 2-3 weeks off from regular activities to rest and recover. The amount of swelling and bruising varies among patients but is typically at its maximum around the first 3-4 days. Over the next 2-3 weeks swelling will heal and patients will begin to feel more comfortable. Average healing time for skin and soft tissue is about three months, during which time scars will go through a natural healing and fading process. Eventually scars will be completely hidden.

Dr. Mok uses the most modern facelift techniques to tailor results to the individual. Although a facelift can create subtle changes in appearance, the result is a fresh, rejuvenated look that preserves your facial contours and expressions. Typically, after 2-3 weeks other people won’t guess that surgery has been performed. Instead, you will look like a natural, more refreshed, and youthful version of yourself.

Candidacy for a facelift surgery is not measured by age alone, however most patients who undergo facelift surgery are aged 40 and older. Dr. Mok considers other factors such as medical history, skin quality and past facial procedures. This is not to say that younger patients cannot have surgery performed. It is likely that exploring the possibility of alternative procedures that focus on a specific part of the face may yield better results for younger patients. For example, a cheek or brow lift.

Most face lifts last between 7-15 years. Secondary facelift procedures can be repeated to enhance results after future aging. Other procedures such as brow lifts, chin augmentation, eyelid lift, nose reshaping, and lip enhancement are popular additions to facelift procedures.

Beautiful Results

A facelift improves signs of aging by repositioning and reshaping loose or sagging skin and muscle. It can also reduce excess fat deposits in the neck, and beneath the chin. Facelift surgery enhances the appearance through tightening the skin and underlying muscles to improve the contour of the jawline, lift sagging cheeks and soften deep lines around the mouth. The objective is not to change the face, but rather produce a natural looking result that is undetectable and aesthetically appealing. Patients find confidence and higher self-esteem with results that reflect a more youthful version of their truest self.