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Brazilian Butt Lift

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The Brazilian butt lift procedure, or BBL, is in fact two surgeries in one.  It is the removal of unwanted fat deposits, usually in the back and thighs through liposuction, followed by the augmentation of the buttock area, with those same fat cells.  The goal is to achieve a natural hourglass type body shape. It has gained in popularity as the trend throughout the country is a desire for that curvaceous and voluptuous figure.

Multi-step process

The procedure commonly known as the “Brazilian Butt Lift” is a multi-step process. The first part consists of liposuction and harvesting of fat cells where an overaccumulation of fat has occurred. The liposuction sculpts the areas above and below the buttocks to thin the waist and lower hips to enhance the apparent projection of the buttocks. Subsequently, the fat cells are processed and separated out carefully and delicately to be used as a graft. The fat graft cells are then re-injected and layered in the patient’s buttocks region, which has the effect of firming up and “lifting” the buttocks.

Thin waist, smooth curves

After the surgery the patient must wear special compression garments and avoid too much pressure on the newly grafted cells for 1-2 months. The desired result is a natural and feminine “hourglass” type body shape with a thin waist smooth curves down the hips and thighs.

Beautiful results

This surgery can produce beautiful results in many patients, however it is not a surgery that is suitable for all patients types. The type of skin, the amount and location of fat, the age of the patient and other factors must be taken into consideration to ensure that the patient’s expectations and the results offered will be one and the same.

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