The Artistry of Neck Lift
A More Beautiful & Confident You!

The neck is one of the first places patients notice signs of aging. Vertical muscle bands, sagging skin, and excess fat deposits are among the most popular aging concerns. Despite feeling youthful, or taking excellent care of their skin, patients still see these signs of aging as they are natural expressions of what is happening on a cellular level. As we age, the skin loses elasticity and its ability to bounce back. On the neck we begin to see wrinkling, excess skin, and a loosely defined chin contour.  A neck lift improves signs of aging in the neck by repositioning and reshaping loose or sagging skin and muscle. It can also reduce excess fat and contour the area below the chin. This procedure is often performed in conjunction with a facelift to bring a youthful and rejuvenated appearance to the entire face and neck region.


Local with sedation or general


1.5 to 5 hours




10 to 15 days

Who is the good candidate for this procedure?

Patients who notice signs of aging such as an undefined chin area, loose, sagging skin and hard lines on the neck are a good candidate for a neck lift surgery. Patients who desire this procedure usually feel that it would improve their appearance and give them more confidence and self-esteem. It is important to be in good health, feel confident in your ability to follow post-surgery guidelines, and be able to undergo general anesthesia. 


Our Self-evaluation tool can help you decide if neck lift is the right procedure for you.

Procedure techniques & scars

Dr. Mok uses the most advanced surgical techniques to bring quality results to his patients. During surgery, an incision is typically made under the chin. This allows for easy access to the underlying tissues of the neck, as well as an incision that can be easily hidden post-surgery. Pockets of excess fat will be removed, and the soft tissue and muscles of the neck are then pulled tightly to create a more youthful structure. Once this has been performed, Dr. Mok will smoothly re-drape the remaining skin and excise any extra that is no longer wanted. Once healing has occurred, a virtually invisible scar line will be hidden in the new contours of the neck and chin. When combined with other procedures such as a facelift, incisions may be hidden along the hairline and/or behind the ear.


During your neck lift consultation Dr. Mok will listen to your concerns and fully evaluate the area you wish to enhance. By assessing the underlying structural anatomy he can determine the cause of your concern and best method to bring you the results you desire.  Photographs and medical history will be taken to ensure you are a good candidate. During the consultation, details of the procedure will be explained, and patients can express their questions and concerns.

After surgery patients feel more confident in the appearance of their neck. Wrinkles, vertical bands and sagging skin are smoothed or tightened to create a lifted and youthful appearance. The chin appears more defined and patients who previously had double chin see a slimmer more contoured jawline.

Patients typically take 2 weeks off work, depending on the nature of their job. After surgery, the neck may appear swollen which will reduce after 3-4 weeks. Strenuous activity such as exercise or heavy lifting should be avoided for 6 weeks, or until otherwise instructed by Dr. Mok. Though patients will see some results immediately, finally results will be more closely revealed after 3-6 months of healing.

Patients can see the beginning of their results right after surgery. With further healing, final results will be more prominent after 3-6 months. Scars continue to improve over the next year following surgery.

Many patients combine a neck lift surgery with other procedures to enhance their results. Common combinations include liposuction, facelift, check lift, eyelid surgery and brow lifts.

Beautiful Results

A neck lift can restore a distinct jawline, reduce chin fat, smooth the neck contours, and remove excess skin and wrinkles. By lifting and tightly shaping the skin an elegant transition is created from the face to the neck. For both women and men, a neck lift surgery can increase self-confidence and provide a refreshed, youthful appearance.

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