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The Mommy Makeover

A Mommy makeover is usually a combination of surgical procedures and can often produce truly remarkable results.

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A mommy-makeover is considered in women who wish to reverse some of the major aesthetic changes of the breasts and abdomen caused by childbearing such as loose skin over your abdomen or sagging breasts.  More than half of women report some form of dissatisfaction with their bodies after giving birth. A Mommy makeover is usually a combination of surgical procedures and can often produce truly remarkable results. Breast lift and tummy tuck are performed simultaneously. Sometimes, liposuction is employed. It is performed after your last child once your body has recovered from the pregnancy changes.

Physiologic changes

There are countless effects of childbearing on a woman’s physiology. The normal weight and physiologic changes that occur during pregnancy can sometimes leave a permanent mark on a person’s body. The areas frequently affected are the breasts and the abdominal region. The breasts’ volume can greatly fluctuate from pregnancy and breastfeeding and can lose their perkiness and end up with a deflated look. The growing baby in its mother’s belly can stretch out the skin, stretch out the abdominal wall and muscles, and leave residual fat on the lower abdomen. The women who are genetically fortunate enough to have very elastic skin, and other physiologic traits, can often bounce back from these changes through a healthy diet and exercise. For some people though, these changes can be permanent, and diet and exercise alone are unfortunately not enough to return to their previous shape and body type.

High patient satisfaction

Stretch marks, a bulging lower abdomen refractory to sit-ups and crunches, loose skin, and stretched-out, deflated breasts are some things that can be corrected through a mommy makeover. A mommy makeover is, simply put, a combination of surgical procedures of the breasts and of the abdominal area, with the goal to reverse some of the aesthetic changes, childbearing has had on a woman’s body. They are procedures with a very high patient satisfaction because clear, objective and major improvements occur, creating a natural appearance and remarkable results.

“Mommy makeovers are among the most satisfying surgeries I perform in my practice. I see women who have done so much through training and healthy living to get back to their previous self, but unfortunately can’t get the results they are looking for without some surgical help. The body they are seeking is often literally hidden within them and it is such a rewarding experience to help them let that body out. For me, to go through this restoration process with these women, and to be involved with this truly positive transition, is a privilege and a big reason why I love my job.”

Dr. David Mok


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