The Artistry of Mommy Makeover
Restore your body back to your previous self

There are countless effects of childbearing on a woman’s physiology. The normal weight and physiological changes that occur during pregnancy can sometimes leave a permanent mark on a person’s body. The areas frequently affected are the breasts and abdominal region. Breast volume can greatly fluctuate from pregnancy and breastfeeding which can cause loss of perkiness and a deflated look. The growing baby in its mother’s belly can stretch out the skin, stretch out the abdominal wall and muscles, and leave residual fat on the lower abdomen. 

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The women who are genetically fortunate enough to have very elastic skin, and other physiological traits, can often bounce back from these changes through healthy diet and exercise. For some people though, these changes can be permanent, and diet and exercise alone are unfortunately not enough to return to their previous shape and body type. A mommy makeover surgery can help restore the body with a pre-mommy look, giving patients the confidence they deserve.




2 to 3 hours




2-4 weeks

Who is the good candidate for this procedure?

A mommy-makeover is considered in women who wish to reverse some of the major aesthetic changes of the breasts and abdomen caused by childbearing such as loose skin over your abdomen or sagging breasts.  More than half of women report some form of dissatisfaction with their body after giving birth. A Mommy makeover is usually a combination of surgical procedures and can often produce truly remarkable results. Breast lift and tummy tuck are performed simultaneously. Sometimes, liposuction is employed. It is performed after your last child once your body has recovered from the pregnancy changes. Women who are at a stable weight and feel they would benefit from a mommy makeover surgery are often excellent candidates. Patients should be generally healthy with no underlying health conditions and be able to undergo general anesthesia.


Our Self-evaluation tool can help you decide if mommy makeover is the right procedure for you.

Procedure techniques & scars

Mommy Makeover surgery combines several procedures to restore the natural curves and contours of the body. The surgical techniques used for each part of the surgery will depend on individual patient factors. Often a tummy tuck, liposuction and breast lift and/or breast augmentation is used. These procedures involve the removal of excess skin and fat, as well as the redraping of skin to provide a tighter, lifted body appearance.

Incisions for a mommy makeover often include a thin line from hip to hip just below the undergarment. Very small incisions can be seen for liposuction and typically heal very well. Breast surgery incisions will depend on the type of breast lift being performed and whether or not implants are being used. Scars are an inevitable part of surgery, but Dr. Mok uses very advanced techniques to hide incision lines along the natural creases of the body. With time, scars can fade and become very unnoticeable to those who do not know about your surgery.

  • Breast augmentation
  • Breast lift
  • Abdominoplasty
  • Liposuction
  • Arm lift
  • Thigh lift

When are the results of mommy makeover surgery noticeable?

Some of the sculpting results of mommy makeover surgery are noticeable immediately. However, it takes about three to five months for the final results to become actualized, as this is how long it takes for the body to heal completely and for any residual swelling to improve.


Stretch marks, a bulging lower abdomen, loose skin, and stretched-out, deflated breasts are some things that can be corrected through a mommy makeover. A mommy makeover is, simply put, a combination of surgical procedures of the breasts and abdominal area, with the goal to reverse some of the aesthetic changes, childbearing has had on a woman’s body. They are procedures with very high patient satisfaction because clear, objective and major improvements occur to create a natural appearance and remarkable results.

Due to the nature of mommy makeover surgery patients typically take 3 weeks off work, depending on the physical demands of their job. Patients can be sore after surgery and are advised to properly use any pain medications provided by Dr. Mok. Light exercises can be performed about 4 weeks after surgery, while strenuous activity should wait until a full recovery has been made. Dr. Mok will provide patients with instructions on how to properly care for their incisions. After surgery patients may need the support of a care giver for the first 5-7 days.  

Patients will be able to see changes in the curves and contours of their body immediately after surgery. With that said, swelling and bruising may be present for a few weeks. Results will increase during the healing process over the next few months, with final results appearing after 9 months to 1 year.

Patients can transition out of surgery and into a smooth recovery by preparing properly for their procedure. Dr. Mok recommends eating healthy, getting adequate amounts of sleep, and staying hydrated in the weeks leading up to surgery. Preparing the home with a comfortable place to rest and recover and picking up all medications beforehand can make the first days after surgery much easier. Arranging an adequate amount of time off work will give the body time to heal.

Mommy make over surgery looks different for every patient. Dr. Mok uses customized treatment plans to suit the needs of his patients. His years of experience and vision for patient results allows him to create incisions that are easily hidden along the creases of the body. As with any surgical procedure, scarring is expected. After 1-2 years, incisions usually fade nicely and give patients very natural looking results.

The purpose of a mommy makeover is to restore your body to a “pre-mommy” state by redefining your natural curves and contours. This can include removing stretch marks, tightening the abdomen, and lifting the breasts. It is recommended that patients are finished having their families before getting their mommy makeover surgery. This way your results will be preserved, and future surgery is likely not needed.

Beautiful Results

Mommy makeovers provide some of the most satisfying surgical results for patients. Many woman make extensive efforts to restore their body back to their previous self, but unfortunately can’t get the results they are looking for without the help of surgical interventions. The body they are seeking is often hidden within them. The mommy makeover restoration process can lift and rejuvenate the breasts while creating defined curves and a flat abdomen. All of which reveals more authentic feelings of self-identity and confidence for women.

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