Artistry of Breast procedures
Signature techniques

Custom dual plane with internal bra

Breast enhancement surgery has greatly advanced over the last 2-3 years. With innovations like the custom dual plane technique, internal bra, and fat grafting, we can more accurately give patients the look they desire.

Depending on your current breast position, size and skin quality, using traditional techniques you may have required a breast lift or mastopexy with your augmentation. A mastopexy leaves long scars on the breast itself, can reduce nipple sensation and affect breast feeding. By using a combination of advanced, signature augmentation techniques, Dr. Mok can avoid these concerns, and achieve a sort of “scarless breast lift” on many patients who have mild to moderate breast and nipple sagging.  

Custom dual plane: Traditionally, implants sit either under the muscle, over the muscle, or half under half over. The custom dual plane technique leaves only a specific portion of the implant not covered by muscle. This allows the muscle to push the implant into the desired space to add fullness and cleavage where you feel you need it most.

Internal bra technique:  The internal bra involves the use of a strong specialized suture that is sewn on the underside of the breast (inside). This line of sutures creates a structured underwire to hold the implant in a precise position. It is a technically difficult and time-consuming technique, therefore very few plastic surgeons are currently using it in their practice. During pre-operative planning we will decide whether you want to have more upper pole fullness in the breast or a lower more natural look.  The internal bra technique also helps to define the medial and lateral cleavage lines, a nicely sculpted side breast and perky medial cleavage. More importantly it also reduces the risk of implant displacement over time, creating long lasting, beautiful results.

Fat Grafting and Liposculpting

Toward the end of a breast lift or augmentation procedure, we can use fat cells harvested from other areas of the body using liposuction, to further refine and sculpt the breasts. Often patients desire fat grafting along the medial line of the breast to give a well-defined cleavage line, even when wearing a braless dress or shirt.  Like a night at the oscars, this “Hollywood cleavage” is seen on many red-carpet celebrities. Not to mention, the added body sculpting benefits this technique offers.