The Artistry of Body Lift
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Extreme weight fluctuations, pregnancy, age, and poor lifestyle habits are factors that influence the shape of the body and can leave a disproportionate or unappealing appearance. While diet and exercise can help restore a healthy weight, a more desirable body shape may require addition contouring and excess skin removal. Body lift surgery is designed to address loose and sagging skin that causes patients discomfort or lack of self-esteem. It can lift the thighs, tighten the abdomen, and restore shape to the buttocks and hips.




2 to 3 hours




2-4 weeks

Who is the good candidate for an body lift?

Dr. Mok provides custom body lift results to serve the unique needs of his patients. For this reason, many people may be good candidates for this procedure. A body lift is an excellent procedure for patients who have already reached their goal weight and as a result have some loose skin around the abdomen (tummy), thighs, buttocks and back. Additionally, for patients who have had multiple pregnancies, and have experienced weakening of the abdominal wall, this can be tightened during the procedure. Good candidates are physically and mentally healthy, have realistic expectations and can undergo general anesthesia.


Our Self-evaluation tool can help you decide if body lift is the right procedure for you.

Procedure techniques & scars

Although the surgical sequence varies depending on the needs of each patient, Dr. Mok will usually treat the belly first, by removing the excess fat and skin from the belly button down to the pubic area. The abdominal wall muscle, underneath the fat is then tightened. The fat and skin above the belly button is stretched down to the pubic area and sutured in place. A new belly button opening is made to allow the belly button to be brought back to its original position.

The patient is then turned to the side and the excess skin and fat from the side of the abdomen to the mid back is removed. This part of the operation also lifts the outer thighs. As the skin and fat are removed from the back, the back rolls are reduced, and the buttocks is lifted. Each of these maneuvers is done to a different degree depending on the needs of the patient.

After any surgery scarring is a reality. The incision patterns and amount of scarring for a body lift will depend on the individual. Dr. Mok will create hidden scar lines along the creases of the body including the undergarment and hip line, and inside the belly button. Scar lines may be prominent at first and will fade over the next 1-2 years following surgery.

When are the results of body lift surgery noticeable?

Some of the sculpting results of body lift surgery are noticeable immediately. However, it takes about three to five months for the final results to become actualized, as this is how long it takes for the body to heal completely and for any residual swelling to improve.


Arm lift surgery can have both functional and aesthetic benefits. Excess skin and fat on the upper arm can cause chafing and make it difficult to find clothing that fits properly, especially in patients who have had extreme weight loss. Removing this excess skin and fat creates better tone and shape, smoother contours, and better upper body proportions. A sense of confidence and comfort is restored for patients.
During your consultation Dr. Mok will take the time to discuss the details of a body lift procedure. It is here that patients discuss issues related to the appearance of their body that they would like to correct. This will help Dr. Mok understand your expectations and determine if a body lift is right for you. He will assess excess skin and fat in the target areas and take measurements and photographs to help plan the procedure.
A body lift removes excess skin and fat to improve the contouring of areas such as the abdomen, flanks, back, buttocks, and thighs.
Body lift results can be seen immediately and can become more prominent with healing over 1-2 years. The skin and fat removal from the procedure is permanent, however continuing to take care of the body is very important. Healthy lifestyle habits will help prevent future weight gain and/or sagging skin. The body’s natural aging process can cause skin laxity over time, but the benefits of your body lift will be long-term if a stable weight is maintained.
Every patient is unique, as is their treatment plan and recovery time. Following surgery patients may experience varying degrees of pain and discomfort. Medication may be prescribed to for a more comfortable recovery. The surgical areas will be swollen and may appear bruised after surgery. Patients will need the support of a care giver throughout the first 2 weeks of their recovery. Lifting and strenuous straining should be avoided for approximately 6 weeks.
Dr. Mok has amazing vision for his patient’s results. During your consultation he will be very honest about the results he can achieve with the least amount of visible scarring. For a body lift surgery there will be thin scar lines around the hips at the line of the undergarment, and potentially hidden in the belly button. Dr. Mok hides these scars nicely along the creases of the body so that patients can easily hide them with clothing, including bathing suits.

Beautiful Results

Patients can expect a flatter abdomen with buttocks tightening, less thigh skin and removal of excess back skin or back rolls. The primary goal of a body lift is to improve the body contour in patients with flaccid or loose skin as their primary problem. The body lift can produce dramatic improvements in skin tightness and tone that cannot be matched by any other skin tightening procedure. A youthful new body shape brings about confidence and improved self-esteem.
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