Eyebrows lift

The eyes are often the first feature we notice when communicating with others. They are also one of the first features to show signs of aging, which can seem to distort our whole appearance. The area around the eyes such as the eyebrows can contribute to this aged appearance, especially when skin laxity, sagginess, or drooping becomes prominent. Changes to the eyebrows are a common side effect of age that can make you look tired and older than your years. A non-surgical brow lift is the perfect, non-invasive cosmetic procedure to rejuvenating the upper third of the face. Technology in our office, allows for radiofrequency skin tightening to create a firmer, higher pull to the brow. In partnership with injectable solutions, we can help reduce sagging brows, forehead lines and frown lines to create a higher arch and more youthful, rested look.