The artistry of Labiaplasty
regain comfort and confidence

A woman’s intimate parts can come in a wide range of appearances that are all anatomically correct. Although there is no individual shape of vagina or labia that is considered “regular”, it is not uncommon for women to feel self-conscious about the way they look. Most often women become concerned when the labia are enlarged or long, which can be congenital, changed from giving birth, or affected by hormonal fluctuations. The Labiaplasty procedure involves re-sculpting the labia minora, sometimes in combination with the labia majora, to a comfortable and more appealing size desired by the patient. Many women find confidence by rejuvenating and reducing the external genital area to provide a very natural result with minimal scarring.




1 hour




6 weeks

Who is the good candidate for this procedure?

It is not uncommon for women to feel unhappy with the appearance and structure of their vagina. Some women feel discomfort wearing pants, are more prone to rashes and infections like thrush, have difficulties having sex, feel self-consciousness when wearing swimsuits, or simply feel their labia don’t look right. In particular, this is often the case if the labia minora are asymmetrical, long, or protrude outside of the labia majora. When these concerns affect a women’s everyday life, intimate relationships, and comfort, a labiaplasty may be an excellent option to restore a more youthful appearance and enhance one’s confidence.


Our Self-evaluation tool can help you decide if labiaplasty is the right procedure for you.

Procedure techniques & scars

Dr. Mok is a board-certified plastic surgeon that specialises in female cosmetic surgeries. He provides a compassionate, non-judgemental space for his patients to seek labioplasty surgery to improve the look and functionality of their most intimate area. During this procedure the size of the labia will be reshaped and/or decreased to correct areas of concern for the patient. This is done through a series of incisions that will remove extra skin and be gently sutured.

Very little scaring will be present once the area has healed. Dr. Mok makes incisions in very discrete areas that then become hidden along the natural creases of the intimate area. Increase feminine hygiene, comfort, and confidence from a labioplasty can create results that are beautiful and life-changing for many women.


A labioplasty surgery reshapes and reduces the size of the labia minora and sometimes the labia majora. These are the structures that surround the vaginal opening and protect the vaginal cannel. The labia can come in all shapes and sizes, which can change over time with aging, childbirth and hormonal fluctuations.

Labioplasty surgery has several benefits for patients. Among the most desirable, are an improved appearance and more confidence. Women who undergo this surgery can improve the aesthetic of the intimate area by addressing pigmentation, low-hanging tissues, and undesirable shape. Women report feeling much more comfortable in clothing such as tight pants or undergarments. With higher levels of sexual confidence and enhanced pleasure, many patients experience better intimate relationships and improved sexual health as well.

During your consultation Dr. Mok will explain the necessary steps for you to take leading up to your surgery day. This may include stopping certain medications like blood thinners, avoiding certain supplements, and picking up any prescribed medications.

Recovery for labioplasty surgery is different for every patient. Swelling and bruising may be present during the first 1-2 weeks and will subside over the course of the first month. Most patients take 1 week off work, depending on the nature of their job. It is recommended that sexual activity be avoided for 6 weeks to give the area time to heal.

Labioplasty operation can be performed under local or general anesthesia to provide a comfortable experience for patients. After surgery pain and discomfort can be managed with medications, however not all patients feel this is necessary. By the end of week 1, patients find walking and pain to be quite comfortable and manageable.

As with any surgical procedure, there will be some swelling and possibly bruising that will need to heal before patients can see their final results. Though you will see a difference in the structure of the labia right away, approximately one month after surgery swelling will reduce, revealing more desirable features. With that said, improvements can continue to be seen up to 6 months after surgery. Once full healing has occurred patients see an enhanced shape and size with very hidden scar lines.

Beautiful Results

Labioplasty addresses the discomfort that some women suffer from in the vulva region of the body. The anatomy of this intimate area can be a cosmetic concern, as well have physical irritations that make women self-conscious and uncomfortable. Labioplasty surgery has been proven to make a dramatic impact on the lives of many patients. Providing them with a more youthful, desirable, and shaped appearance with reduction in chafing and pinching sensations. More confidence and self-esteem comes from achieving a desired appearance, restoring comfort and enhancing sexual relationships.