Patient Care
Our special pre & post op approach

When you first enter our clinic you will be greeted by a unique boutique experience, where we take our time with each and every patient. You will meet our incredible staff who have been carefully selected as knowledgeable, caring, and available to attend to your needs.

1 STEP Pre-op assessment

Our pre-op assessment is an information rich multi step process where our administrative staff relay some of the basic surgery details before your consultation. Our clinical nurse completes a thorough preoperative medical history to ensure you are a good candidate for a surgical procedure. Here you will be asked about your specific goals with regards to the surgery. Our nurses are highly trained and will describe your possible surgical options, as well as the limitations and possible complications of the procedures. It is our goal that this educational process will allow you to make an informed decision that is right for you.

2 STEP Consultation

After these steps you will meet Dr. David Mok, in person or virtually.  The consultation generally takes 30-45 minutes with each patient. After carefully reviewing your medical history and addressing any medical issues, you and Dr. Mok will engage in a detailed discussion to develop an idea of what you’re looking to improve or achieve from plastic surgery. 

At this stage of your consultation, we will then go through the different treatment options and how each treatment can address the same issue differently. From this conversation you will understand the advantages and disadvantages of each treatment (For example, an abdominoplasty will give more skin tightening than liposuction alone but comes with a longer scar).

When it comes to breast surgery, you and Dr. Mok will explore what type of breast “look” you would like to achieve. Results can look more natural and subtle, or have a dramatic feel with fuller, higher cleavage. During this step of your consultation, you will also discuss breast size and how well a given size will fit with your particular frame and body proportions.

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3 STEP Decision making

Next Dr. Mok will reiterate the more common and important complications of your surgery as well as discuss expected convalescence, time spent recovering.

As there is a lot of information to be digested during your consultation, we always invite our patients to think it over and offer a follow up phone call for clarifications. Surgery is an important decision and therefore should never be rushed or taken lightly.

4 STEP Preparation for the surgery

If you decide that cosmetic surgery is the right choice for you, our experienced clinical care consultant, Evelyn, will guide you through the steps leading up to surgery and send you important, informative documentation. As always, our team will be available to address any concerns and questions you have leading up to the date of your surgery.

5 STEP Surgery with Dr. Mok

On the day of surgery, you will arrive at our clinic with plenty of time to properly prepare you before going into the OR. You will see Dr. Mok and his team before you enter surgery, and we will ensure you feel as comfortable as possible throughout the entire process.

6 STEP Post-op follow up

After surgery you will begin the recovery process under the close watch of Dr. Mok. Depending on your surgery, follows up will be scheduled accordingly. During these appointments we review your results and ensure proper healing. We are here for you every step of the way, and that includes providing any further support needed after surgery.