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Excellent doctor. Very attentive. Always available to answer my questions.

I had surgery on April 20th and all I can say is wow, what a team! From the beginning right up until the moment I left the clinic, wow! Congratulations to everyone, you are all amazing. Thank you.

Professional, attentive, explains well and gives very useful advice.. Follows up regularly. You can see he loves his job. He makes you feel like more than just a number. And he’s pretty cute to boot!

He’s very professional and polite! And he does some great work on top of that!

Dr. Mok performed surgery on me in June. I had a tummy tuck and a breast reduction (lift and all). The result is phenomenal. He did such incredible work. He also does regular follow-ups. During the consultation, what stuck with me was his professionalism combined with a natural kindness. He’s the kind of doctor you don’t see often, very attentive. He was able to explain the surgery to me in very detailed words while simultaneously reassuring me. He answered my many questions and reassured me often. On surgery day, he again told me what would happen and how I would feel afterwards. He called regularly to check up on me and answered every single one of my calls in record time. I saw him recently for some alterations and once again, the results are just… WOW! Dr. Mok was recommended to me and it is truly the best recommendation I could’ve ever received. He is professional, empathetic and answers all your questions. He is kind and respectful (even the nurses offer him praise, he’s that amazing!) Do not hesitate.

I had surgery on April 20th and all I can say is wow, what a team! From the beginning right up until the moment I left the clinic, wow! Congratulations to everyone, you are all amazing. Thank you.

I’ve never felt so comfortable with a doctor. He’s wonderful and, most importantly, you can really see that he loves what he’s doing. It gives him this very reassuring natural confidence. I had a breast reduction and the result is astounding. Thank you so much, Dr. Mok!

Fast friendly and efficient service and even saw me earlier than my appointment time

Excellent surgeon, very attentive and thorough. Does everything in his power to schedule an appointment within a very reasonable time and according to your personal availability.

Had abdominoplasty recently and I am extremely satisfied with the process both before, day of, and after surgery. Remains available for questions, and very close follow up. This kind of surgery leaves you with crazy ups and downs and it helps to know he can be easily reached if I have questions

Wow, just wow! He is amazing!! I recommend him to everyone!!! A true magician!

I am very please with my Abdominoplasty! Il a fait un bon travail. Il est attentionné et très disponible en tout temps.

From our very first meeting, I knew I could put all my trust in Dr. Mok. He’s very empathetic and considerate. He listens to me and is always there to answer my questions, either by text or by phone. He’s very present. I love him, plain and simple.

Dr. Mok loves his work and communicates directly, warmly and quickly. He’s a real pro and I knew I could trust him right away. I went in in July for a breast reduction and a breast lift, and then in September for a Brazilian lift. Both surgeries were a success and only a few months later, I can say I am fully satisfied with the results. Dr. Mok was always available to answer my many questions. As I am older than 50, I was aiming for a rejuvenated, yet natural look and Dr. Mok delivered. I am so grateful to Dr. Mok! I highly recommend his services.

I met him for a breast reduction consultation and was treated like a queen. He is polite, caring and used a very respectful touch. Great work.

Nice and friendly. Very respectful and makes you comfortable quickly! He changed my mom bod, so I see him as somewhat of a hero. Thank you so much, Dr. Mok, and to your receptionists as well, they are so nice!! I loved my experience and would recommend his services in a heartbeat.

Excellent doctor, very helpful and very kind. He has excellent people skills. Treats his patients very well.

He is super duper amazing! I had surgery on August 26, 2016. Lise Tessier s.n.j.m.

He’s so pretty I can’t wait to have him perform surgery on me. It’s scheduled for next Wednesday.

I had surgery on my little finger in 2010. 100%. Very kind and accommodating.

Dr. Mok performed surgery on me. My situation led me to consult with him multiple times. He was always smiling, polite, very available and professional. I would recommend his services.

Excellent doctor. Very kind, professional and pretty.

This doctor is an artist. Because of him my body looks the way it was before having 3 kids. Smart, answers all our questions by text msg. The very best choice for stomach and breast jobs.

I had an abdominoplasty on 12-01-2014 in the private sector. He’s an experienced surgeon, very skillful and readily available (quick and efficient communication by text). Empathetic and available, he was able to reassure me before my surgery and answered all my questions, before and after the procedure. Dr. Mok takes all the necessary time for the consultation. He’s a very nice man. I’m very happy to have picked him as my surgeon!

Dr. Mok performed an abdominoplasty and a breast augmentation on me last year. I wanted a very natural look for my breasts and I must say I am extremely satisfied. And to top it all off, my stomach looks great now! I never expected such a wonderful result! I now feel comfortable with my body again. Dr. Mok was very present and helpful, always willing to answer my questions and always there to offer encouraging words, before the surgery and during the healing process. Thank you Dr. Mok! I know I wouldn’t have received such great service elsewhere. 🙂 (I had met many surgeons before him!) I would recommend his services to anyone, without hesitation. I wish him all the best!

This doctor is really competent. Answers questions and tells the truth. What he did on my body is beyond amazing.

This doctor performed a breast augmentation on me two years ago. He is polite, courteous and very professional. He took the time to answer all my questions. He made me comfortable from the start. Good-looking man, great smile. I would recommend.

I met him for the first time today ahead of my breast reduction! I was a bit nervous when I saw his name… I thought he would be old. But I was wrong. I was impressed by his professionalism and by his good looks! Even though he’s quite young, as am I, I didn’t feel any awkwardness. I highly recommend his services and I can’t wait to see the results!

Dr. Mok performed a breast augmentation on me. He was attentive to my needs and listened to my fears. He remained available to answer my questions throughout the whole process, he gave me very clear and honest answers. The result is a real work of art and exceeds my expectations. Thank you Dr. Mok and I highly recommend his services to everyone.

I had to have an abdominoplasty and a breast reduction for a second time, because the surgeon who operated on me the first time didn’t do a very good job. As for Dr. Mok, he did some remarkable work! He is indeed very polite and courteous, extremely trustworthy and I refer all of my friends to him. He will answer all your questions by email or text message. I will see him again soon for another procedure. I am not worried at all. Thank you Dr. Mok

Twice now, Dr. Mok has operated on me and I only have good things to say. Kind, courteous, on time, available (even by text or email), etc. He takes the necessary time to see his patients, he’s never in a rush and always available. I wholeheartedly recommend him.

had a tummy tuck done by this dr…he is nothing but amazing…explains everything in details…listen to you ..makes sure you understand the steps to come…great dr i would recomend him to everyone…


I had a choice between two surgeons for a breast reduction. I was so impressed by Dr. Mok’s professionalism that I didn’t hesitate to pick him. I have never regretted my choice. Before the surgery, he was able to reassure me and the procedure ended up being a success. I didn’t need to ask any question, since he gave me all the information I needed as we progressed through the process. He is very kind, on time, friendly and good-looking. I highly recommend him.

Dr. Mok is the best surgeon I’ve ever met. He is smiley, very professional and extremely nice. He operated on my face and I am very satisfied with the outcome. On top of everything, he’s beautiful and smart.

Dr. Mok performed a post-cancer breast reconstruction on me in September 2012. It was done in two steps. He used the tram technique, which uses using abdominal fat for the reconstruction. In February 2013, I had a breast reduction on the other breast and a nipple reconstruction on my new breast. I’m extremely satisfied with the outcome. I thank Dr. Mok for his professionalism and his listening ear throughout the whole process. I was pleasantly surprised to learn that I would only have to wait 6 months for the surgery (which is one year after my mastectomy).

Very professional, courteous, respectful. Takes the time to make sure the patient understands everything, he asks if we have any questions, even in the operating room. I highly recommend him!

He is very understanding, open to decision and very aware of the patience’s feelings. He works hard to understand what his patience really wants and guides you to understand everything you need to know to make your decision. After the surgery he is just as helpful throughout the recovery. I recommend him to anyone who is looking for a doctor that is willing to work with you. By for one of the best in Montreal!! He is in West-mount now.

I will never forget this doctor. Thanks Doc Mok for your kindness, your professionalism and your good spirits. I highly recommend your services to everyone and that is why you get some chocolates!

very friendly and nice always on time and very good looking

This doctor’s professionalism is astounding. On the first visit, he explained in detail the steps that were needed to fulfill my request. He let me know he was available to answer any other question I had before surgery. Everything went well, the surgery (February 2011) and the recovery. I’m very happy with the results. His work is similar to that of an artist, with the added benefit of a positive impact on the health of the people he treats. He is skillful, thorough, accessible and has a great smile. Great job! I recommend his services without hesitation.

Dr. Mok performed a breast reduction on me on April 12, 2011. He showed exceptional professionalism. He possesses every quality I was looking for in a cosmetic surgeon. I trust him fully and I am so happy that he was the one who operated on me. He’s also very kind, courteous and smiley. My husband and I never expected such a spectacular result. We think of him as an artist. Once again, thank you, Dr. Mok for your excellent work. We wish you all the best for the future.

After a bad experience, Dr. Mok was able to rebuild my trust ahead of a second breast reconstruction by tram. He’s attentive, professional and detail-oriented. Thank you for giving me back my femininity.
February 13, 2011

Very good doctor. He gave my mom her confidence back, is extremely reassuring and takes the time to lift your spirits and to answer all your questions.

*** Surgery : Abdominoplasty and breast augmentation. *** Attentive, great personality, very professional and thorough. He made me comfortable right off the bat. I highly recommend this doctor. Thanks again, Dr. Mok, for having given me back what I thought I had lost forever… Great work!!!

Excellent and good looking. He’s on time and answers all your questions.

Dr. Mok performed a tummy tuck on me. He is attentive, professional and made me comfortable right from the start. He is very available et will answer every question you ask him. His staff is extremely nice as well. I would recommend his services without hesitation et I would definitely choose him to perform another surgery.

Professional, attentive, explains well and gives very useful advice.. Follows up regularly. You can see he loves his job. He makes you feel like more than just a number. And he’s pretty cute to boot!

He’s so pretty I can’t wait to have him perform surgery on me. It’s scheduled for next Wednesday.

He is super duper amazing! I had surgery on August 26, 2016. Lise Tessier s.n.j.m.



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